Meet Audita II


  • new touchscreen settings interface
  • new PIN lock for advanced features
  • new & improved charging cradle
  • comes with premium 625 boom microphone

Introducing Simeon Ranger

a remote microphone system

L3 Series Earphones


premium triple-driver earphones

available attenuated and high-powered

comes in monaural and binaural configurations


who we are

Supportive Hearing Systems Inc. was founded in 1995 with the goal of introducing the best and most current classroom amplification and assistive listening devices to schools. We have grown to become a leader not just in the evolving sector of educational technologies, but in sound technology for a variety of businesses and individuals in many different environments.

Based in Toronto, Canada, we provide wireless assistive listening solutions with special focus on our Simeon® line of FM and Digital products throughout North America and in our export markets. We specialize in soundfield amplification systems, personal FM and remote listening devices, and voice amplification devices; along with providing a wide array of accessories.

what we do


personal fm



ranger finds new fans

Since the first Ranger systems were introduced into Canada in the Fall, we have received some very positive feedback from teachers and their students.

introducing AV Solutions and PointsWest AV

We are thrilled to introduce our latest partners AV Solutions and PointsWest AV. Having already worked with them closely, we know that both companies are well-positioned to represent our products in the British Columbia market.

new product: introducing the simeon 625 microphone

We are excited to introduce our newest boom microphone, the Simeon 625. Similar in design to the Simeon 624 microphone, the Simeon 625 includes the additional feature of a removable cable.